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Deliver on a promise

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Our work with MKM began with a principle we hold close: your website is your best salesperson

A website should deliver your core messages and reflect your culture. It should showcase WHY you do what you do. And even if you have a sales team on staff, your website should be working for you around the clock - delivering a positive customer touchpoint when you aren’t around.

MKM has a long history in the world of fulfillment, logistics and distribution. But the brand hadn’t evolved in over 35 years of business, so reinventing the brand was a big undertaking.


Discovering the heart of the brand

A brand can come into full voice when the essence of the company comes to the forefront. Working together with MKM, we performed an audience analysis to create key messages for MKM. Each message centered on the brand personality and the simple, overarching statement: “MKM delivers on its promises.”

This work had immediate impact. A single message became the focal point for MKM’s internal and external communications. The sales conversation became more succinct, and stories of going the extra mile became proof points for the conversation.


The new brand and website created an environment where customers could have a positive interaction and an understanding of what MKM does and who they are, at any time.

And as the site began to perform, we saw that more customers were reading content, engaging with the company and - after getting in touch with MKM - becoming customers.


A fresh logo and visual style

We took care to ensure that the new MKM logo would be aesthetically pleasing and timeless. MKM needed a logo to represent the services they provide, communicate the idea of delivering on a promise, and be able to work across a wide range of platforms - from a website to the side of a truck.

Shades of green were used to represent movement, growth, and the positivity of “delivering on a promise.” Black was used for the K to represent conveyor belts and semi tire tracks – the key ways that MKM keeps business moving forward for its customers. The black K also creates a sharp contrast to the green M's. The result was a highly stylized logo that is not only eye-catching, but is also professional, modern, and has a sense of movement. This was essential for a company that moves businesses forward, literally and figuratively.

The real benefit for us has been the fact that our sales cycle is shorter. When leads come in, they understand MKM better than they did before. So, we can get to their business need faster and spend less time introducing our services.