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We design applications for connected home brands.

Outside Source helps product teams design the apps, integrations and brands that power their smart devices.



It's all about experiences.

We’re software engineers, brand strategists, designers and innovators—and we help companies build transformative user experiences in an increasingly connected world. From app development to interface design, we work with your product team to delight the people you care about.


Web & Mobile Apps

Software development to power your connected experience.

web apps, native mobile apps, solution architecture, platform recommendations, proof of concept, APIs

cloud integrations

Cloud strategies to expand your products’ capabilities and help your users.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, web services integrations, third-party integrations

Design & Ux/UI

Stand out with good design and innovative user experiences.

research, strategy, roadmaps, user experience design, interface design, visual identity, video production, photography, graphics, websites

 Technologies and platforms


Where we fit

You can think of smart devices in three parts—your product/hardware, an IoT platform, and apps or cloud integrations that add functionality. At Outside Source, we help product teams create connected experiences through software, UX design and cloud integrations.

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our story


We were in IoT
before it was cool.

Outside Source has been working with leading brands to power smart devices for over 10 years.


Let’s work together.


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Let's work together.

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