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Johnson Controls Hx Thermostat App

Native Mobile Application Development


We teamed up with an HVAC controls manufacturer to improve their existing smart home app. 




climate Control

Johnson Controls' app lets customers manage their home’s temperature, humidity and fan settings remotely from their phone or smart watch.

One year after the app's initial 2016 launch, Johnson Controls partnered with us to manage updates, add new features and develop additional customer support functionality.



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added support for customers

We helped to develop a companion version of the app that provides dealers and installation technicians with more setup and troubleshooting tools. 


diagnosing problems

When homeowners receive a malfunction notification from their thermostat, they can send a message to their dealer and grant remote access to their system. The servicing dealer can then look at a homeowner's system individually and help to diagnose the problem.



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feature summary

iOS  |  Android  |  Apple Watch


Built on the Ayla network, the Hx Thermostat app allows users to remotely control the climate in specific rooms of their home by toggling between pre-set modes or using a system override to manually adjust settings.


Homeowner app

  • Set point scheduling

  • Geofencing-based automation

  • Role-based permissions

  • Service and diagnostic alerts


Dealer App

  • Setup 

  • Remote monitoring 

  • System diagnostics

  • Remote access to homeowner's system



Developed in Swift for iOS
Developed in Java for Android


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