Our Team's Favorite Apps

Favorite Apps

Favorite Apps


At Outside Source, we’re a mix of app developers, software engineers, UX designers, and strategists. These are a few of our favorite apps.



Creative Director


“It’s a mobile and desktop app that allows me to keep track of everything in one place. From work tasks to home tasks, to random ideas, I can easily get my thoughts out of my head and onto a to-do list — even when I’m offline.”

Todoist lets you add to-dos, assign due dates, group & prioritize list items, and even share or delegate tasks with family, friends or coworkers. Since this one is Michael’s favorite, we’re not surprised it has a great UX and UI design.




Mike uses Flipboard as a simple way to curate his own personal news feeds. Download the app, pick your passions, and Flipboard creates a Smart Magazine for each topic, automatically filled with articles, videos, podcasts and tweets. You can package your favorite outlets, people and hashtags, and then share your magazines so they can be appreciated by others with similar interests.

Flipboard offers a great progressive web app, and highly-rated mobile apps for both iOS and Android.



Scannable is great for a lot of things, but Mike finds it most useful as a way to manage expense receipts. The app lets him digitize contracts, receipts, business cards, and any other paper that comes his way, keeping his desk clean and making it easier to share documents.


Dan (“Brink”)
Director of Video Production


Brink, our video director, is an outdoors lover and exercise enthusiast. Here are four reasons why he loves Strava:

  1. The app keeps tracks of all of your runs and cycling stats to help measure your progress.

  2. It has a huge community. You can keep up with your friends or follow top athletes to see exactly how they workout. The app also helps you find popular workout groups near you. Don’t see one you like? Start your own!

  3. Strava is engineered to motivate you. In Brink’s own words, “Segments and leaderboards baby!” It also has cool features like flybys and heatmaps.

  4. It’s free! There is a paid version, of course, but almost everybody uses the free one, since it includes all the important features.


Software Developer


Brace yourself. This one is tech-y.

Git is an open source “version control” program for software developers like Zack, and it was started by Linus Trovalds — the same guy who created Linux.

“When developers create something (an app, for example), they make constant changes to the code, releasing new versions up to and after the first official (non-beta) release … Version control systems keep these revisions straight, storing the modifications in a central repository.”

- How-to Geek: What is GitHub and what is it used for?

GitExtensions is a user interface designed to make working with Git repositories more intuitive. Unlike some of its competitors, GitExtensions doesn’t hide the “commands” behind a GUI. Instead, it displays a popup with the commands it’s running. This way, if you choose, you can learn what commands are needed to perform the action you want to take — without being constrained by the learning curve normally associated with typing out a bunch of commands.


Marketing & Operations Lead

Amazon Shopping

It goes without saying that the Amazon Shopping app is well put together. It has a great UI, displays personalized product recommendations and offers dozens of detailed search filters. Josh’s favorite features are the shopping list and the price check functionality, which lets him compare prices and availability for millions of products by typing in a search, scanning a barcode with his phone’s camera or using voice commands.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky

The selling point of this app is simple: Never get rained on without warning again.

“Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you're standing. It's almost like magic.”

Dark sky sends users a daily report with a weather snapshot letting them know if it might rain. But what Josh loves most about the app are the push notifications the app sends him with beginning / ending times of any rain during the day. Unlike other weather apps, Dark Sky is ad-free and accurate to the minute based on your GPS location. The developers call it the easiest, most advanced, weather API on the web.


Director of Customer Success


More than 400,000 CrossFit athletes use SugarWOD to prep, track and celebrate their workouts. When you think about it, that is a lot of sweaty people.

Carey’s gym uses the app to manage daily workout programs, help members keep track of their full exercise history and develop a community through daily workout updates. In addition to tracking their own progress, users can comment on team members’ updates to add a fistbump, provide encouragement, or give each other a hard time.

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