Make Your Customer the Hero


AMA just released an article that says the average person encounters up to 10,000 marketing messages every 24 hours. That’s equivalent to the number of times you blink in an average workday.

Fortunately, the human mind is great at adapting to overstimulation. We maintain our sanity by filtering out everything that isn’t immediately helpful to us.

Unfortunately, most marketing falls into this category. Most companies get lost in the clutter because they make the same big mistake: they talk too much about themselves and too little about what they do to make our lives easier.


Let’s try an exercise.

Let’s say you’re looking for someone to paint your office, and and you type “painters - springfield, IL” into your search bar. The first search result reads ...

Joe’s Paint Shop | Experts in Paint
Proud to serve the Springville area for over 35 years.

Are any of those words actually helpful to you? Or would you prefer ...

Joe’s Paint Shop | Get a Quote
Find out how much your paint project will cost. Get an instant quote.


The second option is obviously the more helpful ad. You’re not interested in how many years Joe’s Paint Shop has been in business, whose grandfather founded the company, or what their mission statement is. You’re interested in how long their team will take, how much it will cost, and how well they can match your existing office colors.

In the words of Don Miller, founder of StoryBrand, “People aren’t interested in the story of your company. They’re interested in their own story.”


Give the customer the cape

Every customer wants two things:

  1. To solve their problem

  2. To be the hero

Your company’s marketing messaging needs to answer one question: What are you doing to help your customer better understand and ultimately solve their problem?

Don’t talk about your awards, your team or your backstory. Talk about THEM. Address their frustrations and answer their questions.

Customers looking to purchase a hiking backpack from your online store don’t need to know how many backpacks you’ve sold. They need to know whether or not your backpack is the right one for their next mountain excursion. They need to know how soon it will ship and whether or not it will keep their food dry. They want to know what it will feel like when they put it on - how it will transform them into a wilderness goddess. Or a chiseled mountain guru.

They need to know that when it arrives in the mail, they’re going to get that magical feeling - the one that says “you chose right!”


Start Now With One Simple Step

What’s the first thing you do when you learn about a new company? You google them, visit their website -- and you hit their homepage.


A great homepage will answer three questions in five seconds:

  1. What do you offer?
  2. How will it make my life better?
  3. What do I need to do to get started?

In most cases, people don’t buy the best product or service - they buy the one they can understand the fastest. If you aren’t answering these three questions at the top of your homepage, I guarantee you’re leaving money on the table.


Remember this

Great brand messaging is clear and helpful. It addresses the customer’s concerns and positions you as a trusted guide along their journey.

Do your customers a solid. Spend less time talking about yourself and more time addressing the problems they’re grappling with. They’ll reward you with their full attention.