OS Team Creates Haitian Creole Alphabet Poster


Everyone remembers singing the ABC song growing up. Now, maybe you’re teaching it to your kids or grandchildren. Learning the alphabet is an educational building block. For children in the U.S., learning resources abound, but children in impoverished countries don’t have access to the wide array of learning tools that we do.

Among the many groups who lack these tools are Haitian children living in the Dominican Republic as economic refugees due to the devastation of the earthquake in 2010.

Na Rive School,  located in Puerto Plata on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, is working to provide an education for these displaced children.

One of its challenges is language. Although they share an island, the language and cultures of the Dominican Republic and Haiti are different. The Haitian Creole language includes elements of French, African, English and others while the language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish.

Last fall, the leaders of the school identified the need for an alphabet poster for the Haitian Creole language. Unable to find an existing resource, Martin Blampied, secretary of Na Rive, turned to Dan Linginfelter, co-founder of OS, who had visited the school last year on a mission trip.

Ling, as he is affectionately called here, seized the opportunity to create something original and meaningful for the students.


OS Senior Designer Brian Noble worked with Ling to sketch unique drawings for each letter of the alphabet. “We had a lot of back and forth discussions and field testing to get the right image with the right letter. For instance, to illustrate the letter B, we chose whale (baleine). Our whale looked more like a fish to them, so we went with boat (bato) instead. We wanted to make sure our images were ones the Haitian kids would relate to without confusion,” he says.

Ling also has been working to raise funds to get the chart produced. One hundred large wall charts (about 3’ x 5’) and 1,000 smaller work mats will be printed on special plastic with UV protected inks due to the tropical climate. The goal is to have the posters and work mats ready to start the school year this fall.

Working with Na Rive is just one of the charitable endeavors OS supports. Our core philosophy includes philanthropy on both corporate and personal levels. If you’d like more information about Na Rive, please email Ling at dl@outsidesource.com.

HaitianMaddy Pimentel