Agency vs. In-house: The Real Costs


Credibility in the marketplace today is hugely affected by the quality of your company's digital experience. This includes things like your website, email communications, sponsored content and customer support channels. To manage all of this, companies typically partner with an agency or hire a dedicated internal team.

Most people assume hiring a digital agency is more expensive than recruiting an in-house team to handle things like branding, customer communications, web design, app development or video production. This post is out to debunk that myth.


Budget flexibility

Consider this: Agencies typically charge monthly, based on the size of the projects you need them to tackle. Your budget is flexible—you can scale it back or ramp it up without letting loose internal HR chaos.


Buy One Get Three Free

Agencies allow you to hire a team of part-time specialists for the cost of one full-time employee. This is especially valuable if you have changing digital content needs. One month you need video work, the next month you need a website overhaul? No problem. No employee turnover.


Pre-vetted Hires

Skip the on boarding costs please. These guys already know what they're doing.