POSITIVE FEEDBACK Vol I: OSD client testimonials

POSITIVE FEEDBACK Vol I: OSD client testimonials

We're starting a monthly video series where we get to toot our horn a bit.  We sat down with several of our clients over the last few weeks and talked about their experience working with us.  Through small bribes and the magic of editing, our clients come off sounding as if they really like us! 


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Outside Source creates product videos for Roche Diagnostics

Accu-Chek® Combo Video The request was simple enough. Create a series of videos which highlight product features, providing a moderate amount of detail without overwhelming users with too much information. The product? The new ACCU-CHEK® Combo system, featuring a wireless blood glucose and insulin pump. Not an easy topic to cover. Now add in the fact that lifestyle and ease-of-use need to be key elements to the video too. The result, pure awesomeness.

Filmed locally, with local crews and talent, OSD created a video equal to high-budget projects produced by the big agencies on either coast (but without the big agency expense). And while this was not a small project, it was clearly done for a fraction of what other firms would charge. Costs aside, we're proud of our work with Roche and proud of the talent of those that contributed on this project.

Check out the video here.

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Why No Love for YouTube?

Shrinking YouTube Dan Brinkruff is the Video Editor/Animator at Outside Source Design.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of bad corporate branded YouTube channels out there? With more and more advertisers focusing on social media, why is it that so many of these top-tier companies have poorly executed YouTube Channels or no YouTube presence at all? Now I'm not talking about Joe Schmo's personal channel with his latest reviews of breakfast cereals. We expect those to be bad. I'm talking about top brands — companies such as Amazon and Pfizer.  It's amazing how many branded channels are poorly executed, sporadically updated, and have very few followers. Beyond that, some big brands like Visa and McDonald's don't appear to have a channel at all. Are they missing the boat or just choosing to promote themselves elsewhere?

On the other hand, there are quite a few brands out there that do get it. The following examples demonstrate why McDonald's and others are missing out on a big opportunity.  These guys show how a YouTube channel doesn't have to merely be a vehicle for repurposing old TV spots.  It can house interactive storytelling, games, behind-the-scenes stories, and alternative marketing campaigns with more creative freedom – stuff you wouldn’t be able to do on broadcast television. Regardless, if these examples prove anything, it’s that YouTube channels are all about the content.

Old Spice

Old Spice YouTube Channel

The Old Spice YouTube channel is included in this list for one reason — excellent use of a viral and hot marketing campaign to draw viewers, add recognition, and create conversations.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna YouTube Channel

The Toyota Sienna brand developed their channel based off the popularity of it's "Swagger Wagon" TV spots.  But they didn't just repost their ads, they created new content including a music video that got over 9 million hits. These guys get it.

Disney Parks

Disney Parks YouTube Channel

The Disney Parks YouTube channel includes the colors and graphics you’d expect from the world’s most popular family vacation destination, but it’s included in this list for the great use of links in the top navigation bar and the design of those links that make it very clear where visitors will go if they click on them.  These are the destinations you’d expect visitors to be most interested in going to after viewing the Disney Parks’ video content

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods YouTube Channel

The Kraft Foods YouTube channel is included on this list because of the two navigation bars of links at the top of the page, which take visitors to a variety of useful information.  Also, the content in the Kraft Foods videos is incredibly useful and includes recipes, cooking demonstrations, and more, all of which are appropriate matches to the Kraft brand promise.

Gillette ProGlide

Gillette ProGlide YouTube Channel

Gillette makes the list not only for its innovative UI, but also for its use of a custom integrated Google Maps feature that allows users to post their own Gillette stories and compete in sponsored competitions.


YouTube may not be a viable strategy for all advertisers, but some companies may be missing the boat. Regardless of product or service offered, there is one undeniable truth, if you’re going to be on YouTube, it’s all about the content.