How Much Wood Could a Web Site Tout If a Web Site Could Tout Wood?



When you think of well-designed web sites, you probably don’t think of the web site of a wood veneer manufacturer. HOW Interactive did, though, and our client, Miller Veneers, recently had their web site featured in the Inspiration section of HOW Interactive Design’s web site.

This summer, Miller Veneers approached us with that exact challenge: how to design a web site for a premier manufacturer of high-quality wood veneers since 1929 and convey their quality and experience in the design. At the time, they had no web site and were falling behind their competition in their customer reach.

The wood veneer industry is a broad one, but Miller Veneers’ customers are discriminating buyers—people who know quality wood veneer when they see it—and Miller Veneers wanted to speak to them specifically. To us, that meant incorporating those traits into the web site design and showcasing Miller Veneers’ meticulous process, their innovative manufacturing techniques, their long history of service to the industry, and of course their commitment to quality.

We felt the site should evoke the pride and craftsmanship that Miller Veneers puts into their products. To that end, our design team, copywriter, and photographer made several visits to their manufacturing facilities here in Indianapolis to immerse themselves in the wood veneer manufacturing process, and we put this experience to work when building the site.

Smart design and attention to detail has paid off for Miller Veneers’ web site. It’s caught the attention of design industry sites, such as the HOW Interactive article, which increased the site’s search engine rankings for certain search terms. More importantly, however, it’s elevated Miller Veneers in the eyes of its customers, enhancing their reputation as a top-level supplier of quality wood veneer.